US Para-equestrian athlete Annie Peavy has today announced a new sponsorship with the Texas based company TheraPlate Revolution Therapy Platforms Peavy will endorse the product, which she uses on Lancelot Warrior and her World Equestrian Games partner Ozzy Cooper who have both been based in Florida this winter.

“I am thrilled to have TheraPlate as a new sponsor, it is a wonderful opportunity to help my horses feel their very best. I was a little worried about Ozzy and Lance getting used to it, that part took about two minutes, they both absolutely love it and they feel more relaxed after being warmed up on the TheraPlate. As a rider I am always looking for ways to help both my horses feel their best and also know that if we encounter an injury TheraPlate has a plan to help treat most injuries. I have to admit all the humans at the barn are also taking their turn on the TheraPlate. If you give it a try you will not be disappointed, ” noted Peavy.

TheraPlate applies Active Proprietary Vortex Wave Circulation Stimulation Technology used for injury prevention. It counters chronic inflammation conditions and speeds healing on average by half the time. TheraPlate reduces major causes of most pain and will not injure or aggravate existing injuries. It effectively increases bone density and muscle mass, thereby increasing joint mobility and flexibility as well as reducing the need for joint injections.

Chip Kreiling, Founder and Owner of TheraPlate Revolution Therapy Platforms commented: “It is also our pleasure to support Annie Peavy who trains with Heather Blitz. At just 18 years old, Annie is a top Para Dressage rider and a lovely, talented young person. Annie always has a smile on her face. She is committed to doing whatever it takes to succeed in her riding and we admire her tenacity. It brings a smile to our face to have Annie join our team. At TheraPlate we are devoted to helping horses and people achieve the optimum health and body conditioning they need to reach their goals and we are pleased to have these top riders join our team.”